Rave Kaleidoscope Sunglasses Glasses and EDM Googles That Scream Festival Raver (Black Frame Blue Lens)
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Rave Kaleidoscope Sunglasses Glasses and EDM Googles That Scream Festival Raver (Black Frame Blue Lens)

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Rave kaleidoscope sunglasses glasses and edm googles that scream festival raver. Iconic, holographic metallic stylish fashion for our headbangers and rave babes who like adventuring on the space galaxy trippy melting black light glow world. iViBED - Taking your rave wear swag to the next level since 2017. Lets get weird and make memories that last a life time.

★ EDM Accessories that have the highest comfort and most fashionable style making them the perfect type of rave-wear for photo shoots and going hard with your squad. These glasses have our famous kaleidoscope lenses combined them with classic our exclusive pineapple logo Frame to provide you a with a magical intergalactic experience. Wear the front row at the forest while nectar throws down, and your world will change forever.

★ Taking your rave swag to the next level, our new redesigned kaleidoscope glasses have redesigned crystals which utilize neon colors and led lighting to display a sick rainbow spectrum of colors and a unique flashing  array of colors at every angle. The diamond cut crystals allow for more clarity while maintaining an intense, out of body kaleidoscopic tripping effect

★ Crystals with holographic fracture lens to provide the revolution in kaleidoscopic fractal eye-wear. These lenses combined with the candy painted metallic and holographic color PVC frame. The user is now able to see a broader view of vibrant chromatic colors with our most popular frame style. The Elite Kaleidoscope Glasses were engineered for any environment where edm music thrives.

★ Each pair of Head-banger Kaleidoscope Glasses is hand constructed with excellent craftsmanship. These unique spectra of fractal glasses are exclusively designed and manufactured by the iViBED Family with lots of love and good vibes.
Package Includes:

  • ★ Rave Kaleidoscope Glasses and EDM Festival Googles ★ iViBED Rave-Wear ★ closure
  • Kaleidoscope googles and edm festival fractured lens sunglasses. High-end. Iconic, holographic metallic EDM accessories designed for our headbangers and rave babes. Costumes LED glow in the dark colors with the fractal lens are out of this galaxy.
  • ★ Party Like A Rockstar Dress Like A Raver. Being bad never looked so good! Our life is to short to be shy and rock boring swag, especially to raves or festivals. Treat yourself and make your next festival experience that much more magical.
  • ★ SETTING THE TRENDS IN FESTIVAL FASHION: iViBED has made a promise to you. We will always sell the highest quality festival apparel and we will always keep our prices as low as possible.
  • ★NEXT LEVEL SWAG: Taking your edm style to the next level. Let's get weird, go hard, and make memories with friends that will last a lifetime.
  • ★ 2019 RAVE APPAREL IS EXCLUSIVELY ON AMAZON: If you see iViBED apparel sold anywhere but Amazon it is not authentic. We do not authorize anyone to resell or products.
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