EDM IS ALL ABOUT THE GOOD VIBES. Being happy being carefree and being able to express yourself without being judged. With that being said your options for wardrobes are endless. There are a lot of new EDM websites coming up that you can choose to shop from but you want to make sure that you’re not overpaying for everything that you’re buying . The number one website i recommend shopping is at iVibed.com. They are at the lowest-priced EDM website online. They carry over 500 EDM threads for both men and women that are under $30 they have over 350 items related to EDM clothing that are under $20 and over 100 items related to festivals raves LED toys And glow-in-the-dark body paint that are under $10. Be careful shopping on other EDM websites that are charging $60 for hoodies and $50 for T-shirts sites like those are just ripping you off. Also if any sites are charging you for shipping or charging a minimum amount that you have to order to get free shipping you probably should not shop on sites like that because I iVibed.com has everything you need related to festivals and is not only the cheapest EDM website but they also offer free shipping on everything in their store and they have no minimum purchase amount. now let’s get into what people wear at EDM festivals. We will categorize them in groups of people from first timers to hard-core ravers and I’m not using any of those names to be stereo typical or to offend anybody I’m using them just to basically write them on a scale 1 to 5 I’m really dressed up or not dressed up at all.

#1. THE 1st TIME RAVER Your first timer or somebody that’s never been to electronic music festival and door doesn’t enjoy EDM Music or want to stand out or dress different which is 110% OK and they will not judge you either way so not dressing up at all I’m just wearing your normal clothes is completely OK and you will see a lot of other people doing the same.

#2 KINDA SORTA RAVER. These are the people that you will see that maybe die their hair a different color or have on just the basic tie-dye shirt. I must’ve seen 50+ people at Electric Forest do you thousand 17 that had on the good vibes only tank top that was tie-dye red white blue yellow on the front and it was just some black on the back. This type of clothing can range from anywhere from jeans and gym shorts, And any bright colored top and they don’t necessarily show any skin they wouldn’t normally wear public and they don’t have anything on that really makes them stand out or catch your eye.

#3 GOOD TIME RAVER. I like to consider your good time raver The kind of person that likes to have a good time when they’re in a music festival and is happy go lucky go with the flow are there to have a good time and they want to partake in most of the activities including dressing up. These types of costumes or clothing will range from anything that has tie-dye glitter metallic bright neon colors don’t normally have a shirt and shorts or pants that match and you can tell when you look at them that they bought that outfit or those tops and Bottoms with the intent of wearing them at the festival.

#4. I HEART EDM RAVER. This is the type of person that loves EDM music they don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks or cares and they are there to let it be known that they’re all about the rave scene and being carefree. You will see these types of people wearing see-through T-shirts tank tops. Some people wear pieces of electrical tape over their nipples or other types of special tape that will stick to your skin and stay in place with a lot of movement they wear super short shirts or just basically a bra Ville wear costume’s for head to toe that die their hair they wear glitter make up they have jewels on their face and they enjoy the attention if they get from everybody.

#5 ZERO FUCKS GIVEN RAVER this is the type a raver that literally give zero Fox about what anybody thinks and his personally my favorite but I myself haven’t got to this level but I hope someday that I will. These are the people that can go completely nude and walk around the festival grounds all day with absolutely nothing on besides flip-flops some hot don’t even wear that. Some will have full body paint clothing on so I have a glance or from a distance you can’t really tell that they don’t have clothes on some girls wear bikini bottoms or underwear and like a tie-dye flannel or something with their boobs out no bra and no tape covering the nipples. These people are amazing not shy and are so comfortable with themselves that they’re able to show and share everything with everyone and are happy doing it. As far as doing this at a festival like movement in Detroit I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it now doing it at a place like Electric Forest I recommended 100%. No matter which type of raver you are. There is a 100% chance that you will fit in. Not only will you fit in but you will be welcomed with open arms.

The EDM community as a whole is loving caring outgoing and I get back. Which is one of the reasons that I recommended iVibed.com because they are selling out to be the lowest price EDM website online and carry all of your festival needs in one location. If you read their about us page they explain that the reason they started this website was because they were disgusted seeing other websites marketing items up over 100% and charging $60 for an idiom hoodie that should be $35 tops with free shipping. Not only are they charging $60 for a hoodie but they are also charging additional shipping cost if you don’t spend over $75 or over $100 which you basically can’t buy two items on their website and not spend $100 even when shopping in the clearance section. So their way of getting back to EDM community was creating this website and hoping that they will be able to generate income and profits from advertising and other avenues and they can to make little to no money off EDM clothing and rave toys and offer everything EDM and festival related at the lowest possible price. They claim that even if they don’t make it in the in this industry that they hope to at least make a big enough impact that they other EDM websites will be forced to lower their prices!






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April 13, 2018 — Ryan Matta

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