Reflective Rave Clothing - 2020 Reflective Rave Clothing Trend Sweeping The Nation.

Are you ready to redefine the term LIT AF? Well look no further. IVIBED has created one of the coolest reflective clothing collections the world has ever saw. Everything from reflective bandanas to reflective joggers. They even have reflective hooded capes and reflective bodysuits. They didn't just stop with silver reflective designs but they also have a reflective fractured sacred geometry fabric which is utterly mind blowing. The fracture glass design changes colors as the bright light reflects off of the unique flash reactive fabric. This style fabric has more colors then the rainbow. If you are looking to take your rave clothing to new heights definitely check them out on amazon.


reflective-rave-clothing reflective-crop-tops

Reflective Rave Jerseys and Reflective Jogger Pants for Men and Women.


reflective-bandana reflective-face-mask reflective-bodysuits

iViBED - Reflective Bodysuits and Reflective Bandana Face Masks.

Reflective bodysuits will be launching on amazon 1-15-2020.

Reflective bandanas will be fully stocked on 1-1-2020

Reflective Jersey T-Shirts Will be launching 1-15-2020

Reflective Hooded Capes Launching 1-15-2020

Reflective Joggers are stocked now.

Reflective Shorts will be stocked 1-15-2020

 reflective-rave-clothing reflective-joggers reflective-pants reflectiv edm clothing

These are just some of the amazing new reflecting flash Reactive products IVIBED will be launching in 2020. Follow them on social media to stay up to date on the newest products and when they will be launching. 


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