What type of rave clothing do people wear at  Electric Forest 2018

 What do people wear to Electric Forest 2018 people at Electric Forest

 At electric forest people from all over the globe make a journey once a year to double J Ranch in Rothberry Michigan. At this event you will guaranteed to see some of the most amazing EDM outfits and festival rapier that you have ever seen in your life. You will see everything from LED CLOTHING to 30 foot LED  Furry tails and I can almost guarantee that you will see the new fiber optic clothing by iVibed.com. They carry the latest and great EDM clothing and festival camping gear. 

At electric forest there are no rules on what you can or can not wear besides Indian headdresses. For whatever reason that is no aloud but i wouldnt Be surprised if they aloud it or just looked the other way as long as you were not causing problems. 

guys most definitely have it a tad bit harder then girls.    But don’t worry guys. There is plenty of awesome rave gear to go around for you. From galaxy and metallic short shorts to metallic joggers in over 20+ colors there is something for almost every rave style. Maybe metallic or galaxy edm  clothing isn’t for you. Then try out iVibed’s new line of fiber optic clothing. They have FO “fiber optic” Face mask, ties, shoes, tank tops cut off hoodies and for those of you thinking about getting married at electric forest. What better way then to tie the not but with a FO wedding found or tux.

Now when it comes to Rave Tops for girls or EDM Tank for guys there’s over 1000+ styles to choose from. As we continue to push the boundaries and express our selfs there is a guarantee that you will see something new and magical that you have not seen before. Rock out with you bad self. I promise no one will judge you. 

Now if you are a free sport and want to wear nothing at all. Well then by all means. Strip it on down and do you. Or don’t lol like i said From the beginning there are mo rules when it comes to clothing. We are definitely looking forward to seeing everyone this year and making memories that will last a life time. Don’t be shy. If you see an iVibed.com shirt at the forest come by and say hi. 

May 02, 2018 — Ryan Matta

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