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PINECONE NECKLACES. 2019 hottest new craze in the world of edm festival fashion!

Rave Clothing - Pinecone necklaces - festival jewelry for men and women! Check out iViBEDs newest edm fashion accessories now on amaom. Click the ivibed blue icon below to visit our festival apparel currently on Amazon. 


10592430395832340247Each pinecone necklace is hand made from the densest pine cone on the planet. The extraordinary Knobcone Pine Cone harvested exclusively from the Californias Santa Cruz Mountains. 

They are elegant, natural, and symbolize the ideas of eternal life. The pine cone form has a spine that spirals in perfect Fibonacci sequence in both directions, also referred to as sacred geometry.

Going a step farther we included our pineapple logo which is a symbol of Luxury. Since the fruit was so perishable, it became a symbol of luxury, nobility, and wealth throughout Europe. A host who was able to present a freshly cut pineapple to his or her guests was the one with money, power, and connections.

    We wanted to bring you positive energy, luxury, and style,  at an affordable price. Good Vibes Good Karma Great 


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