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Rave make up and rhinestone face jewelry fashion tips. Festivals are fun! It’s the perfect time to chill out with your friends and check out your favourite DJs. There are other ways to stand out than wearing a skimpy rave apparel. Try wearing some bright fluorescent makeup! I don’t care what skin tone you are. You can rock whatever colour you want! In my opinion, bright colours are my favorite look when it comes to making the perfect festival outfit come together. daily. The new biggest craze after glitter of course, is the new rhinestone face and body jewelry. 


As for hair, I like something care-free like a side pony or standard pig tails. Anything that You do not need to fix every minute. Keep in mind Rave get hot in more ways then one. We want you to stay looking sexy and magical all night. Turing into a sweaty hot mess after the first set is never a good look. At festivals like electric forest they have hair salons and make up booths all over the festival grounds. So stations are free and included with most vip festival wristbands. Don’t worry though, last year at electric forest it was only 10$ to get your hair braided and 10$ to get face jewelry put on. 


Ivibed is currently the best and lowest priced place to find face jewelry. They distribute high end festival makeup and face jewelry exclusively for Glitter Joy. They only sell glitter joy face jewelry because they are the only company who makes face jewelry that will last the entire night without falling off or sliding around when you get hot an sweaty. They also include free pasties in most make up packages. Click the link below to see their products on amazon. 




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