electric-forest why are edm festivals so popular

Electric Forest is the most magical place on earth. Below is a blog post that explains what edm music festivals are really about.

People who do not rave, don’t really understand why we look forward to going to music festivals for an entire year. The videos and photos in this blog are showcase ivibed new line of hidden pocket festival apparel. 


When it comes to Understanding the rave scene and what it’s really about. Everything who doesn’t rave thinks its this big drug fuck fest when in reality it couldn’t be father from the truth. Festivals are a place where you can truly be yourself. No one judges you, no one cares what you do back in the real world (unless your a DJ lol) and anything goes while your on the grounds of a festival. I’ve seen 25 foot long LED furry butt-plugs and I’ve see couples raving together butt naked. Whatever makes you happy do that. It’s a place where you smile 24/7, make new friends, develop more intimate relationships with special friends and if you have the chance to experience it with someone you love it can be the most magical experience anyone can ever have. 


Drugs and drinking are only optional and allow you to experience things on a different level. I’ve done both and enjoyed them both in there own ways. You get to hard AF for a few days, make some memories that will last a life time. On top of all of that you get to go on little mini adventures that are a fucking blast like adventuring to the food vender area at 4:30am to snag a slice of pizza when your all sorts of weird can be quite a fun time, or trying to find that perfect place in the sea of people where you can feel the bass inside yourself. Someone once told that if you listen with you heart and wander around the crowd eventually you will find that perfect spot where it feels like you are at the dead center of all of the bass and you can feel it or working your way through a crowd of 100000 people until you get front row to see your favorite DJ throw down. 

It’s like you have 5 days of pure bliss but in those 5 days you have 100 little mini adventures which make up thousands of memories and it’s those thousands of memories that you take home with you and use to make life better and that gets you by for a few months, then memories fade and then you buy tickets to the next festival and you use that as you motivation to keep vexing a better parent a better friend a better person. Then you count down the days until you get to do it all over again! That’s what the festival life is about to me! 

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