Best Rave bodysuits for the 2019 festival season

Best Rave bodysuits for the 2019 festival season

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Holographic-bodysuits one-piece-rave-romperIViBED carries a wide variety of women's rave outfits, such as tops, bottoms, fluffies, hosiery, swimwear and much more. Without a doubt they are leading the way with there huge bodysuit collection on amazon. Everything from see through fishnets to holographic rave rompers, it’s almost impossible to not find something you love. IVIBED has over 100 products currently on Amazon and over 150 produce launching this year. is quickly becoming the fastest growing EDM apparel company in the USA! These are some of my favorite Rompers they launched this year. 


Sexy-rave-bodysuits ivibed edm-one-piece-outfit holographic-rave-romper


All of your rave clothing and fashion woes have been solved! Find everything you need here at IVIBED. We know you put ton of effort, time and imagination into perfecting your new rave babe look for your next festival and we totally get you! Need sexy fishnet leggings or some cute booty shorts? You'll find a wide variety of rave accessories that pair very well with any of our rave Rompers and EDM bikinis. We wanted to show how much we appreciate our customers so we are now adding free pasties and iViBED wristbands with every order. holographic-rave-romper

Sexy anew holographic white rave romper with hidden pockets. 2019 best seller! Metallic white with a splash of hologram glitter flakes that really stand out in the ack light. This also comes in Silver and they have the matching bikini! 


Homographic-rave-clothes sexy-festival-outfits by ivibed

Disco glitter silver holographic rave bikini by ivibed. Package includes Bikini tube top with a lace up open back, lace up cheeky bikini bottoms and of course free pasties and neon bracelets that come with every ivibed women’s outfit! 










Happy festival season 2019. 

15checker = 15% off discount on any ivibed women’s checkerboard apparel currently on amazon. VAILD FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

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