reflective-rave-clothing womens-reflective-pants joggers

Rainbow Reflective Rave Clothing 2020 EDM Festival Fashion


Womens reflective clothing. Reflective bodysuits, swimsuits, rompers, bikinis, outfits, bandanas, facemasks, jerseys, crop tops, and hoodies. NOW ON AMAZON. Sexy new edm festival fashion trends for 2020. Raising the bar and taking your festival clothing to the next level.  #edm #rave #reflectiveclothing #refletor #ravewear #2020fashion #2020clothing #raveclothing #womensfashion #fashiontrend2020
reflective-rave-clothing rainbow-refelctiev joggers
reflective-rave-clothing womens reflective clothing. Reflective bodysuits, swimsuits
reflective-rave-clothing womens edm reflective clothing. Reflective bodysuits, swimsuits
reflective-rave-clothing reflective-pants reflective-joggers
Rainbow is just one of the many amazing styles of reflective colors we will be launching in 2020. Finally Matching couple rave clothing that has a taste of fashion and style. Time to grow out of the cartoons and galaxy sky outfits and take your rave style to the next level. High-end designer festival clothing with prices 25-50% less then competitors.

ELECTRIC FOREST 2019 worlds best EDM festival + rave clothing and festival ideas

What makes Electric Forest the best music festival in the United States.Electric forest festival clothing ivined


Just trying to explain the magical feeling that you’re going to have the first time you arrive at the forest is almost unexplainable. As you are pulling up to the gate, you will be surrounded by smiles waves high-fives and electronic music bumping from car to car as far as the eye can see.

Festival edm electroc forest rave girls edc outfits bodysuits rave clothes  


Depending on when you will arrive will determine where your campsite is located. The second you arrive at your campsite other individuals surround you just like yourself. Every person that you come into contact with and are camping next you will be willing to give you the shirt off their back if you need it. This is just the beginning of how the magic starts to happen. You will share so many experiences with the people camping around you that by the time you leave you will be referring to them as your for his family and begin planning to meet up outside of Electric Forest and attend Electric Forest the following year together I can almost bet my life on it. I have friends that have been going to Electric Forest seven years, And to this day they still go every year with their original forest family and since they have gone so many years in a row together and have grown bigger and bigger each year. They now take up over 100+ campsites and have there owned little city within the electric forest. 

Fishnet rave clothes edm bodysuits best new rave clothing edm body harnesses  



On top of meeting some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet in your life and building relationships that will last a lifetime you will also go on an eye-opening spiritual journey which will change your life forever. The first night is definitely one of the most exciting night. The campgrounds open at noon and the actual forest doesn’t open until 7:30 PM. So from the time you arrive you will be setting up camp and getting ready for the first big night. Just about the time that darkness starts to set in the forest comes alive. No matter where you are camping at double J Ranch at night you can see the electricity and energy pouring out of the forest treetops. Accompanied by bright neon lights that illuminate the sky above the forest and the sound of EDM music blaring give you goosebumps. As you and your new forest family begin to get ready and attend the first set of the night your emotions are at an all-time high, and the anticipation of entering the forest and the energy you have compiled with the strength of everybody around you puts you in a euphoric state in and of itself. 

Womens rave clothing for electric forest 2019


Exotic Rave Wear and FESTIVAL APPAREL 

I would like to continue and describe more of what you were going to see when you enter the forest for the first time but it’s such a magical experience that I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’m gonna leave it up to your imagination but no matter how amazing you think it’s going to be there is nothing that is going to bury you for entering the forest at night for the first time. I will say That you will see some of the most amazing EDM festival outfits that you have ever seen in your life. People will be wearing all different types of EDM threads. My favorite place to shop hands down his They are your one-stop EDM Shop, and they carry everything from camping supplies to the latest and greatest EDM fashion. If you’re looking to find the newest and hottest rave gear then this is the site for you! If you email and tell them you read this article they will send you a 20% off coupon good on your first purchase. They have let largest and lowest price rave clothing online. Plus they offer Free shipping store extensive with no minimum purchase amount. 


Thank you so much for reading my blog. 

-Ryan Matta 4-1-2019 

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Sexy Fishnet Bikinis. TOP 10 Headbanger Outfits for Women! 2019 EDM Fashion

Top 10 best headbanger outfits for 2019 festival season! Women’s Rave wear and EDM swag! 


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Women fishnet headbanger outfits for edc



Sometimes simple is beautiful. We offer an impressive selection of the beauitiful costumes and outfits for you, ladies! Choose from rompers, bodysuits, one piece swimsuits and other amazing outfits that will be perfect for your next event. Our newest fishnet bikinis and holographic pasties are just a few of the amazing outfits and styles we have launching just in time for festival season 2019! 


 womens fish net rave rompers and EDM bikinis 2019 2020


With our own brand of body glitter and rhinestone face gems coming at the beginning of April, we are super excited to do photo shoots and have the chance to meat a lot of new customers at electric forest and lostlands. 


EDC fishnet outfits for women ivibed rave wear fish net festival outfits


Check out our our new hydration back packs launching April 15th. Holographic Glitter bright neon colors are definitely going to turn some heads at your next big event! 

 womens fishnet bikini 3pc set white rave wear


This 3pc fishnet bikini comes with booty shorts, bikini tank top, and long sleeve fishnet crop top! 2019 women’s high end festival apparel! 

With an entire collection of LED and glow products on the line up! It’s easy to understand why iViBED is quickly becoming the fastest growing EDM clothing company in the United States! 

 best women’s fishnet rave outfits for 2019 head banger


Rave fish net clothing women’s EDM Headbanger outfits 2020

Best Fishnet Outfits to wear at electronic Music Festivals


fishnet rave clothing EDM bodysuits for edc and electric forest

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming up and music festivals are announcing their dates and selling tickets. We’ve composed a list of the top 10 BEST FISHNET OUTFITS FOR THE 2019-2020 FESTIVAL SEASON!  Accessories to wear at music festivals and raves that are sure to drop jaws as your cross across the lawn, field or dance floor.


womens fishnet stocking rave clothes edM  edc 2019


Add a little extra to your skirt or tutu with iViBED fishnet stocking or one of our newest fishnet 3pc bikini sets only$29.99!  These aren’t your mother’s usual stockings; these glow in UV light, have rhinestones, and come in fun colors. Make a bland outfit pop with fun stockings! Fishnet iViBED leggings come with free pasties and a free ivibed bracelet! 


 Rave body harnesses pasties and holographic bodysuits for EDM festivals


Rave pasties are a girls best friend. Perfect for when your shirt is see through or you don’t feel like wearing a top. Do whatever makes you the happiest. Pasties are fun because they can be worn under clothes that reveal a little more than street clothes or they can be worn alone. Nipple covers, or pasties, breast peddles come in a lot of unique shapes, sizes,  patterns and colors. Who knew that covering your nipples could be so much fun! each pastor has a small cotton circle center to protect the nipple from sticky adhesive 

rez googles edm rave led glasses circle glow toys

Best LED Rave Toys Glofx Space Whips. REZ Glasses Fiber optic edm Glow in the dark rave gear

LED Googles Festival Apparel EDM REZ Googles Fiber optic Whips Rez space whip Glasses edm  LED Googles Rez led Googles LED rave whips face masks googles.

rez googles led glofx rave toys fiber opt

Glofx  REZ Googles $49.99

edm led glasses rex light up googles

Glofx Kalidescope Googles

Fiber optic Whips Rez space whip Glasses edm  LED Googles Rez led Googles LED rave whips face masks googles.


fishnet rave clothing and led rave toys bodysuits holographic glasses face mask


Glofx Kalidescope Googles

The GloFX Space Whip Pro features the world’s most advanced LED Fiber Optic Rave Technology. Space Whip Pro is professionally engineered to outperform all other Fiber Optic Whips on the market with programmable LED features, soft and durable fibers, and a water resistant housing. Perfect for body wraps, flails, and handle tricks, this whip will unlock your flow. Enter into a world of brightly lit fibers that will effortlessly follow you wherever you go and become your newest flow obsession.

 rave capes and led googles. Best led rave toys

Rave gear is essential in the festival world if you want to make an impact. Rave edm Festival  Clothing is important, of course, however rave accessories take you over the top. iVibed Holographic, glitter, hologram, neon pasties, face mask, checkerboard, fishnet, bodysuits, bodyharnesses. #ivibed #festivalapparel #hpfa #hpt #2019ravewear #ravebabes #glofx #ravewear



March 09, 2019 — Ryan Matta
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BEST rave BOOTY shorts! New 2019 edm Festival Apparel

BEST RAVE BOOTY SHORTS FOR THE 2019 FESTIVAL SEASON! high-waisted rave-booty-shorts

Whether it's booty shorts or tiny little sexy yoga shorts, we have just what you need to rock at the next rave, festival, pool party or any environment where dance music thrives. With a full range of holographic metallic, strappy one piece bodysuits, or cheeky booty shorts we're sure you'll find the perfect piece to add to your rave babe wardrobe.  A pair of simple black or white booty shorts are a essential item and keeping an extra pair in your hydration bag is always suggested in case whatever you are wearkng gets ripped or damaging when dancing with your squad.

womens-high-waisted booty-shorts white mesh see through

This simple style of boy short bootie shorts looks excellent when they are layered fishnet stocking or leg wraps. The best part about white or black shorts is they look amazing with pretty much anything. Having a high waisted look with a low cut deep V center and see-through mesh sides have taken off this year! With many new styles and colors coming out! IVIBED is leading the way when it comes to edm fashion! 


Ivibed booty short for women. Hidden pocket rave shorts bootie boy shorts


Welcome to the ivibed family!! 



March 01, 2019 — Ryan Matta
electric-forest why are edm festivals so popular

ELECTRIC MUSIC FESTIVALS! What they are really about 2019! ELECTRIC FOREST. The most magical place on earth

Electric Forest is the most magical place on earth. Below is a blog post that explains what edm music festivals are really about.

People who do not rave, don’t really understand why we look forward to going to music festivals for an entire year. The videos and photos in this blog are showcase ivibed new line of hidden pocket festival apparel. 


When it comes to Understanding the rave scene and what it’s really about. Everything who doesn’t rave thinks its this big drug fuck fest when in reality it couldn’t be father from the truth. Festivals are a place where you can truly be yourself. No one judges you, no one cares what you do back in the real world (unless your a DJ lol) and anything goes while your on the grounds of a festival. I’ve seen 25 foot long LED furry butt-plugs and I’ve see couples raving together butt naked. Whatever makes you happy do that. It’s a place where you smile 24/7, make new friends, develop more intimate relationships with special friends and if you have the chance to experience it with someone you love it can be the most magical experience anyone can ever have. 


Drugs and drinking are only optional and allow you to experience things on a different level. I’ve done both and enjoyed them both in there own ways. You get to hard AF for a few days, make some memories that will last a life time. On top of all of that you get to go on little mini adventures that are a fucking blast like adventuring to the food vender area at 4:30am to snag a slice of pizza when your all sorts of weird can be quite a fun time, or trying to find that perfect place in the sea of people where you can feel the bass inside yourself. Someone once told that if you listen with you heart and wander around the crowd eventually you will find that perfect spot where it feels like you are at the dead center of all of the bass and you can feel it or working your way through a crowd of 100000 people until you get front row to see your favorite DJ throw down. 

It’s like you have 5 days of pure bliss but in those 5 days you have 100 little mini adventures which make up thousands of memories and it’s those thousands of memories that you take home with you and use to make life better and that gets you by for a few months, then memories fade and then you buy tickets to the next festival and you use that as you motivation to keep vexing a better parent a better friend a better person. Then you count down the days until you get to do it all over again! That’s what the festival life is about to me! 

pinecone-necklace pine-cone necklaces for men pineapple rave clothing

PINECONE NECKLACES. 2019 hottest new craze in the world of edm festival fashion!

Rave Clothing - Pinecone necklaces - festival jewelry for men and women! Check out iViBEDs newest edm fashion accessories now on amaom. Click the ivibed blue icon below to visit our festival apparel currently on Amazon. 


10592430395832340247Each pinecone necklace is hand made from the densest pine cone on the planet. The extraordinary Knobcone Pine Cone harvested exclusively from the Californias Santa Cruz Mountains. 

They are elegant, natural, and symbolize the ideas of eternal life. The pine cone form has a spine that spirals in perfect Fibonacci sequence in both directions, also referred to as sacred geometry.

Going a step farther we included our pineapple logo which is a symbol of Luxury. Since the fruit was so perishable, it became a symbol of luxury, nobility, and wealth throughout Europe. A host who was able to present a freshly cut pineapple to his or her guests was the one with money, power, and connections.

    We wanted to bring you positive energy, luxury, and style,  at an affordable price. Good Vibes Good Karma Great 


Womens Fishnet Rave clothing and festival outfits! Now available on or amazom! All products on amazon arev1-2day shipping. Products on take about 2-5 business day!


Best Rave bodysuits for the 2019 festival season



Holographic-bodysuits one-piece-rave-romperIViBED carries a wide variety of women's rave outfits, such as tops, bottoms, fluffies, hosiery, swimwear and much more. Without a doubt they are leading the way with there huge bodysuit collection on amazon. Everything from see through fishnets to holographic rave rompers, it’s almost impossible to not find something you love. IVIBED has over 100 products currently on Amazon and over 150 produce launching this year. is quickly becoming the fastest growing EDM apparel company in the USA! These are some of my favorite Rompers they launched this year. 


Sexy-rave-bodysuits ivibed edm-one-piece-outfit holographic-rave-romper


All of your rave clothing and fashion woes have been solved! Find everything you need here at IVIBED. We know you put ton of effort, time and imagination into perfecting your new rave babe look for your next festival and we totally get you! Need sexy fishnet leggings or some cute booty shorts? You'll find a wide variety of rave accessories that pair very well with any of our rave Rompers and EDM bikinis. We wanted to show how much we appreciate our customers so we are now adding free pasties and iViBED wristbands with every order. holographic-rave-romper

Sexy anew holographic white rave romper with hidden pockets. 2019 best seller! Metallic white with a splash of hologram glitter flakes that really stand out in the ack light. This also comes in Silver and they have the matching bikini! 


Homographic-rave-clothes sexy-festival-outfits by ivibed

Disco glitter silver holographic rave bikini by ivibed. Package includes Bikini tube top with a lace up open back, lace up cheeky bikini bottoms and of course free pasties and neon bracelets that come with every ivibed women’s outfit! 










Happy festival season 2019. 

15checker = 15% off discount on any ivibed women’s checkerboard apparel currently on amazon. VAILD FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

Rave body harness. Holographic Festival Bodyharness Metallic ivibed

Rave Body Harness Festival Fashion Styles for 2019


 Women’s Holographic Body Harnesses ivibed Rave Clothes

When it comes to festival fashion there are so many options to choose from. One of the most popular styles for the 2019 rave scene is by far the holographic body harnesses by iViBED.  Being fully adjustable and one size fits most it’s very easy to see why these have become so popular.  Not only do they fit women of all shapes  and sizes but they show  all of those sexy features that the rave Gods blessed you with! Rave Body Harness. Holographic Festival Clothing. Edm Bodysuits Metallic harnesses

With so many new styles to choose from it’s very easy to see why ivibed is leading the way when it comes to festival fashion. Super high quality low priced products and they include free pasties and free braclets with every women’s product. Thanks ivibed for making my festival experience that much more magical.Metallic hologram Body Harness Festival clothing by ivibed


Get weird, Go Hard, be safe! 













holographic body harnesses rave clothes and edm outfits


WE ARE DOING A IVIBED FRIENDS AND FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT AT ELECTRIC FOREST JUNE 27th at 5-7pm in GA RV or very close to. We will meet there for a giant group photo them proceed into the festival grounds to try and get as many amazing photo shoots done as we can. Everyone is welcome to join. Show up rocking your sexiest ivibed outfits and get ready to have a blast. Our professional photographer with be with us all weekend. He will be taking photos of anyone wearing ivibed gears so pick up some merch before you head to the forest and we will get as many photos for you as we can!!