This is the list that I put together of the five mistakes I made when preparing for my first music festival. I will explain what do you think why they made the top five list. I will also leave a link to my other blog post about the top 10 items to bring to electronically Facebook you guys have any questions or concerns about what not to do or what not to do at an electronic music festival. Please leave it in the comments below and I’ll answer it as soon as I can thanks for reading I hope you guys enjoy.

#1  Over packing
#2 Buying to much food that had to be kept cold to stay fresh.
#3 Buying a Cheap Cooler
#4 Entering the festival with a 1/4 tank of gas
#5 Thinking i had to take a friend or girlfriend and i couldn’t go to a edm festival by myself and have a ton of fun


Packing for edm festival. 5 rookie mistakes made prepping for your first electronic music festival

You would think going to a music festival is similar to going up north camping or going on vacation where your staying in a hotel. I couldn’t have been more wrong but I’m the type of person who likes to over prepare for things so instead of not packing enough. I packed extra of everything thinking that it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Which in a sense is true but the number one issue I had was space even though I have a hummer and only had my girlfriend riding with me at the time. Between the two of us we managed to have my hammer filled to the ceiling and additional trailer hitch suitcase luggage rack that we had filled to the max. We were easily able to carry everything but when we arrive to the festival and the weather conditions were slightly sprinkling and as soon as we pulled in and I actually stopped raining for a minute and look like it was going to clear up in the second we started trying everything out of the car I’m starting to set up the canopy it started to Trinchal downpour which kind of correlate with number for me don’t buy cheap but in attempting to set up the canopy which took a good 30 minutes pretty much everything that we had got soaked. Having so many different pairs of clothes to wear and having everything in individually Ziploc bags kept my items dry which was nice but at the same time trying to find something to wear was difficult and I figured that I would be wanting to change at least once or twice a day but when you’re at a festival it’s pretty much a nonstop party from the time you wake up the time you go to bed and going to bed is normally at five or six in the morning so you don’t really wake up till noon one or two-ish Which means that you have just enough time to take a shower get something to eat and kind of chill out for a minute before you start getting ready for the next night so in reality you kind a need something comfortable they wear to bed at night and then whatever else are you going to wear for the day and other than that you really only wear one outfit today so there’s not a huge necessity to pack tons of extra clothes like I did had I only brought one outfit for each day plus an extra pair of gym shorts extra para pajama pants and a longsleeved shirt or hoodie I would’ve been more than fine.


Packing a cooler for a edm music festival. What should i pack in my cooler for electric forest

Again preparing for this but the big electronic music festivals like ELECTRIC FOREST my mindset was thinking like any other camping trip I’ve ever went out you want to bring coolers with enough food to get you through the weekend so you’re not trying to drive into town and buy food while you’re there which you might be more motivated than I am or I was but after waking up hung over tired trying to recover from the night before with the sun beating down on your tent, waking up the hydrated and a puddle of sweat the last thing you want to do is get up and stand over a hot grill and cook food. A majority of the food that I bought was stuff you cook on the grill hotdogs burgers quesadillas eggs bacon bread and even some pancake batter.The first morning I woke up and cook breakfast/lunch for everybody and being at a festival without water at your campsite makes cleaning the grill and cleaning up utensils and keeping everything sanitary very hard and time-consuming. That was only one issue the second issue was trying to keep all that food called and fresh and when you’re spending $700 for a VIP ticket waiting two or three hours a day cooking cleaning kind of seems a bit of a waste if you ask me to buy a meal for one person was about seven dollars and $15 if you’re a big eater and we’re picky or wanted something exquisite. Do some all of that up bringing snacks great idea things to make  peanut butter and jelly, even milk and cereal would be more then enough. It would actually save you money eating at the wide variety of food stands they have available vs trying to buy ice daily at $10 per 5lb bag it’s not cheap. Which leads me into number three





Do not buy a cheap cooler or coolers. Actually i recommend spending the extra 100$ and buying an RTIC or YETI cooler. IVIBED.COM has some amazing coolers and EDM FESTIVAL CAMPING SUPPLIES FOR GREAT PRICES ON THEIR WEBSITE. Definitely my got to place for all thing EDM related. Hands down worth every penny. My cousin swears by his yeti bag cooler. I never under stood what all the hype was about until i went to see my Cousins Boy Friends Mike Dowdy wake board in a competition down in Illinois. Long story sure we left for the weekend on a Thursday and stop at Big B coffee on our way down Illinois Michigan and fill the cooler up with ice. We spent Thursday driving down with the cooler in the bed of the truck and covered with so much ice in the cooler it was overflowing in Corona bottles are sticking out of the top of it which made it impossible to zip the bag shot so until we got the hotel that night we were not able to close the bag so most the night Thursday into Friday morning the bag was open Friday Saturday and Sunday we spent. Five hours a day on the beach and it was mid August and the hottest time of the year today’s were in the high 90s and one day was actually 103° and we were able to come back Monday morning and there are still some of the original ice cubes floating around in the back you don’t have to fill up with nice ones here. Spending the extra hundred dollars and buying a really nice cooler is just an investment that will pay for itself in the amount of $10 bags of ice you buy one on the test festival camping grounds. I made the mistake of buying 58 blue holders to keep all of the extra food I over packed and it’s cooler cost me $20 a day and ice and each morning I woke up and every bit of ice is melted and it wasn’t ever once about 85° the entire weekend so I could only imagine how much I would’ve had to spend headed been in the 90s or even broke 100 degrees.


EDM FESTIVAL PREP. Get a full tank of gas b4 going into an edm festival
You would think that you will not need much gas while you’re at the music festival in that a quarter tank is plenty which 95% of the time this might be true. Last year however and Electric Forest weekend too early entry day one we arrived at the festival with a quarter tank of gas. I didn’t feel like getting out and getting gas because it was raining and I’ve been driving four hours so I said fuck it. Thanking the stars would clear up and I would not need gas or do use my vehicle at all a quarter tank would’ve been plenty but severe storms rolled in and they did a emergency shut down because of weather but stop people that had an already got through the gates from coming into the festival stopped us from leaving and then they made it mandatory that everybody get inside their vehicles for the next three hours as you can imagine we are all slightly wet so some of us even soaked the sun was going down or hidden behind the clouds it was raining and about 65° out. We end up being stuck in the car with the car running and he blasting trying to dry off and warm up the next four hours straight I’m top of that after the rain finally stopped and we were able to get back outside and hang out with other people  it was about time for bed. since we kind a got fucked by the weather and didn’t get to fully set up camp but it was laid out we end up spending the first night sleeping in the hummer which was fine we had sleeping bags but being able to start the hummer and run the heat every couple hours let your body warm up was in the Cecily necessity by the next morning I was on Low fuel and ended up having to rearrange the site and move all of our items so I get back my home or out and go to the gas station to get gas. Not only did I have to remember that night but charging cell phones or running any other items that you run off your car battery it’s definitely a good idea to let your bagel run for 15 minutes or 30 minutes every day so that by the last day you are not getting ready to leave and find out that your battery is dead. Wish will bring me to my last point after 3 to 5 days of any music festival and partying your ass off wake me up that Monday morning with the overwhelming feeling of joy and depression mix together with hangovers and detoxing the last thing you want to do is go get gas as soon as you leave the fairgrounds you want to head straight to the airport or straight home pick up some ice cream on the way probably some fast food ciao and go crash recover the crawl into a hole for the next seven days.


I deathly think this is something that everybody at least thinks once or twice unless you’re that type of person that likes going on Wild and crazy adventures by yourself and maybe I’ve never thought this but it was definitely something I thought before going to ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL. So my first major EDM Festival was ELECTRIC FOREST. After the first night there I was with my girlfriend at the time and walking into the forest for the first time at night was not only breathtaking but slightly overwhelming thinking back then and thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it alone and thinking how excited I was to share that experience with somebody else was true and not true. It is definitely a magical experience and something I think everybody in the world should enjoy at least once even if you don’t listen to electronic music and sharing that with experience with somebody that you’re that close with makes it that much more magical but going with a significant other or loved one you don’t get to experience the full effect of an EDM festival of just going up to groups of random people and making friends with guys or girls and not having to worry about anything else besides having a good time. I also didn’t realize how safe you actually were at an electronic music festival going by yourself whether a girl or guy especially Electric Forest there were 200+ thousand people are willing to take the shirt off their back and give you a hand or at least in good life VIP area and our GA could be a little different but that’s the vibe I had being in good life. Basically what I’m trying to say is if you can’t find somebody to go with you I wouldn’t even hesitate to go by myself and as a matter fact I am looking very much to doing that myself this year! JUST TAKING A MAGICAL 5 day journey by myself. I’m looking forward to seeing any of you at Electric Forest weekend to you can also join the Electric Forest weekend to Goodlife Facebook page I started and send me a message I would be more than happy to meet up make new friends and share that experience with all of you I hope you guys on this awful and I look forward to writing several more for you guys.


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April 13, 2018 — Ryan Matta

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