Deciding what to bring and what not to bring to an Electronic Dance Music Festival can become quite the task. Over the next 5 paragraphs I will cover the top 10 things you want to bring to an electronic music festival. I will then explain why I would bring those items. I will then sum everything up and include an additional download EDM FESTIVAL CHECK LIST which you can download and use to get ready for your next magical adventure. Instead of listing 1 item and then giving a description I am going to create the list of all 10 items then go back and review each item and why I believe they are the top ten mandatory items you will when to bring to a EDM festival. Then I will Also point you in the right direction as where to buy these items. has done an amazing job putting together a website that has all of your festival needs in one location. Not only have they managed to get all of the latest and greatest edm fashion and festival camping gear into one location but they have also managed to become the lowest priced edm website online. They have everything from men’s EDM clothing, woman’s EDM clothing, led rave toys and festival camping supplies. They are living up to their slogan as “YOUR ONE STOP EDM SHOP “We definitely recommend checking them out.  They have over 500+ listings ranging from 4.95-29.95 making 95% of their items under $30. This is truly amazing when I heart raves and iedm are charging $60 dollars for edm hoodies plus they charge shipping on orders under $100 which is just crazy. You can buy an outfit for all 5 days on vs buying 1 outfit on other sites.  And the funny part is selling the exact same items these other sites are selling for 50% less. I LOVE THEM AND SEEING HOW THEY HAVE SUCH GREAT PRICES IT IS THE ONLY PLACE I RECOMEMND SHOPPING.

  1. Several cases of bottled water or multiple gallon jugs of water.
  2. Camping Supplies. Tent, Air Mattress, sleeping bag or sheets,
  3. Dry ice drinks
  4. Camel back pack w/ pockets
  5. Water proof Jacket pants water shoes “shower + bad weather “
  6. Money, Back up Stash of Money, Debit Card, 2 IDs,
  7. Back up Spare Cell phone or Pre Paid Cell Phone
  8. Canopy & Folding Chains & Tapestry
  9. Food & Personal Care Supplies
  10. Plastic bins for clean cloths, 1lb zip lock bags



Now let’s Review This list of the top 10 Items to bring to an EDM festival or any Rave that has camping or multiple days. Hands down without a question. Money is the single most important item you should bring with you to any music festival. Whether you are staying 1 night or you are staying 2 weeks. The reason behind creating this Blog was to help people prevent leaving home without something they forgot to grab or didn’t think to bring. No matter how hard we try or how many list we make there is only so much room in 1 vehicle and attempting to fit 3 of your friend’s into your ford fiesta can prove to be quite the challenge. With that being said we are bound to forget something and or just not have room for everything and 99% of the time we are packing last minute and realize we can fit everything and we start pulling things out and the next thing you know you accidently took out a bin with something important. Having a good chuck of cash on you can allow you to buy almost everything and anything you can think of. IVIBED.COM will even deliver to the festival gates and leave your package with a security guard making it very easy to arrive early entry on Wednesday and place an IVIBED order and have your item over knighted and or 2-day shipping for free with amazon prime and receive your item Friday morning.  Not only does this allow you the luxury of buying things you need but also if you want to do some shopping or buy anything that people are selling. This affords you the luxury of living care free for your time at the festival and not having to worry about anything.



I’m trying to get in order of most important to lease but several of these or at least 2-6 all rank quite high on the list and you can’t really go without any of them. So # 2 I would say camping supplies. Now most of us will be driving some type or car or truck that if worst comes to worst you can use that as shelter and a sleeping quarters at night or if bad weather shows up.  Highest recommended items to bring would be, TENT SLEEPING BAG AIR MATTRESS CANOPEY & personal care products. Canopy is most definitely a must have. Epically if you like your privacy. All festivals I have been to have been the same and most people wake up around 12-1pm and spend the first few hours recovering, making friends and trying to replenish and fill your stomachs before night closes in. having a shaded area to get cover when you are in the middle of a field is clutch. Id almost take a canopy vs a tent if I had to choose one or the other. Tapestry is perfect for adding sides to your canopy for extra shelter and they also make great wind breakers, togas, blankets, and even towels if needed. Basic personal care supplies are, towels, shampoo, a few extra gallons of water for drinking, cooking, & if you want you can use the water to take a quick hillbilly bath  which if you do not have good life or VIP a shower will cost you around 10$, it will be cold water, and the lines at prime hours are normally crazy: crazy  and after your first day un packing setting up camp and heading to the 1st night of madness  being able to wake up and at least rinse off is almost mandatory unless you are happy with smelling like BO and everyone else avoiding standing by you. Some people go the entire weekend without a shower but I’m the kind of people who enjoys starting the day off with a shower and being clean at the beginning and even end of every day. If you check out IVIBED website, you can find some great Music festival camping supplies for under $40 and even less. Last year I paid almost $1000 on camping supplies from Walmart. I did buy everything you could think of. Had I know about IVIBED.COM I would had been able to buy everything for 75% less then I spent shopping at the lowest priced retail store.



Camel Pack – Hydration Pack – Camel Back Pack – back pack. Everyone call it something different but I am talking about the smaller skinny back packs that hold 1-2 litters of water inside a bladder bag. Most festival do not let you bring out side drinks into the fair grounds. Not ever water. They all have refill stations inside the festival gate and all throughout the festival grounds. Making it super easy to refill as soon as you get inside the gates. If you like to drink out of the camel pack drinking hose or if you prefer a bottle the backpack has enough space to hold your wallet cell phone cash smokes, whatever small items you can think of and a full bladder or a few water bottles. These camel Back Packs are a life saver when it comes to keeping track of your items. Putting things inside your pockets when your dancing and our going on crazy adventures when drinking and or taking other extra particular item makes keeping track of everything quite the task. Bringing at an EDM festival and dropping something is the worst. If you don’t watch it fall and pick it right up or get lucky enough someone else sees it fall and gives it back to you there is a 99% chance that item is lost forever. Which sucks if it’s a cell phone or wallet. especially when you’re having the time of your life. Losing either of those items can surely kill your vibes for the night if not the entire weekend. has an amazing selection of EDM galaxy back packs and other Glitter Fanny Packs, Galaxy fanny packs, trippy back packs and many other festival accessories people use to keep track of their things.





Having a Water Proof Jacket and A waterproof pair of pants is one of those things you may think you can get by without but you can’t predict the weather. At Electric Forest 2017 Weekend 2 we arrived early entry on Wednesday around 4pm. It was calling for bad weather all weekend but the second we pulled up to the gates the rain stopped. The sky started to clear up and it looked like we were going to get to set up camp before the next rounds of storms came through. The second we pulled in we hit the ground running. Within 5 minutes we had the hummer un packed and started to set up the canopy first that way if the rain started we could put everything inside the canopy. Within five minutes of starting to set up camp. The rain came back with vengeance. We had no warning and no shelter beside the hummer. Lucky that we were able to get the canopy set up and load all of our items inside and we were very lucky that I packed everything inside plastic tots which kept everything dry so everything that was in the storm was still dry the next day. I even packed ponchos but trying to set up tents and unload your supplies was next to impossible so I had to take off my poncho and was soaked from head to toe. My girlfriend at on the other hand had her rain jacket, rain boots, neoprene water resistant leggings and she was not only dry but able to fully function and enjoy herself even though it was pouring rain and storming so bad they ended up shutting down entry and making it mandatory for people to get inside their vehicle’s. Moral of the story. Spend the extra $30 and buy a thin rain jacket and pants. It’s worth its weight in gold when you need it.





Seeing how we manage to lose our most valuable possession aka our cell phones when we are sober. Adding drinking and spring break style partying for 5 days straight and at least one person who reads this is going to lose their cell phone I can almost guarantee it. On the plus side everyone is super awesome and the lost and found area is awesome and almost everyone turns items they find into lost and found. But let’s be honest that doesn’t always happen and doesn’t mean you won’t come back to camp fucked up and leave you phone setting out side and it rains and now your phones wrecked. The main reason I say bring a backup phone is in case you lose your partner or group. The grounds are so big and there will be easy 200,000 if not more like 350,000-500,000 people. So trying to track down a group of people is almost impossible let alone a single person.  They sell pre-paid phones on amazon for 9.99-19.99 and they come with 100 pre-paid minutes. Buy one open it up. Preprogram all of your friend’s contact info, a few emergency contacts and fully charge it on your way to the festival and leave it inside someone’s tent or car. Just make sure that it is somewhere that everyone can get to. This is almost mandatory and will be a life saver if needed.


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