What makes Electric Forest the best music festival in the United States.


Just trying to explain the magical feeling that you’re going to have the first time you arrive at the forest is almost unexplainable. As you are pulling up to the gate you will be surrounded by smiles waves high-fives and electric music bumping from car to car as far as the eye can see. Depending on when you arrive will determine where your campsite is located. The second you arrive at your campsite you are surrounded by other individuals just like yourself. Every person that you come into contact with and are camping next you will be willing to give you the shirt off their back if you need it. This is just the beginning to how the magic starts to happen. You will share so many experiences with the people camping around you that by the time you leave you will be referring to them as your for his family and begin planning to meet up outside of Electric Forest and/or attend Electric Forest the following year together I can almost bet my life on it. I have friends that have been going to Electric Forest seven years And to this day they still go every year with their original forest family and since they have gone so many years in a row together and have grown bigger and bigger each year. They now take up over 100+ camp sites and have there own little city with in electric forest. 

On top of meeting some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet in your life and building relationships that will last a lifetime you will also go on an eye-opening spiritual journey which will change your life forever. The first night is definitely one of the most exciting night. The camp grounds open at 12 PM and the actual forest doesn’t open until 7:30 PM. So from the time you arrive you will be setting up camp and getting ready for the first big night. Just about the time that darkness starts to set in the forest comes alive. No matter where you are camping at double J Ranch at night you can see the electricity and energy pouring out of the forest tree taps. Accompanied by bright neon lights  that illuminate the sky above the forest and the sound of EDM music blaring just give you goose bumps. As you and your new forest family begin to get ready and attend the first set of the night your emotions are at an all-time high and the anticipation of entering the forest and the energy you have compiled with the energy of everybody around you puts you in a euphoric state in and of itself.  I would like to continue and describe more of what you were going to see when you enter the forest for the first time but it’s such a magical experience that I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’m gonna leave it up to your imagination but no matter how amazing you think it’s going to be there is nothing that is going to get you ready for the feeling your going to get entering the forest at night for the first time. I will say That you will see some of the most amazing EDM festival outfits that you have ever seen in your life. People will be wearing all different types of EDM threads. My favorite place to shop hands down his  iVibed.com They are your one stop EDM Shop and they carry everything from camping supplies to the latest and greatest EDM fashion. If you’re looking to find the newest and hottest rave gear then this is the site for you! If you email admin@iVibed.com and tell them you read this article they will send you a 20% off coupon good on your first purchase. They have let largest and lowest price rave clothing online. Plus they offer Free shipping store wide with no minimum purchase amount. 
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-Ryan Matta 5-1-2018 
May 02, 2018 — Ryan Matta

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