Women’s Face jewelry and body glitter. Holographic rave clothing and outfits for EDM Festival. Rave babe face crystals and gem sticker



          Your brain releases dopamine when STRANGERS give you compliments that make you smile. Dopamine, is a  the same thing that your brain releases during sex. So dressing up or having a unique style that people compliment will actually release dopamine which then lowers you blood pressure which then lowers your stress. Looking great is also another key factor in feeling good about yourself. When you look good you feel great. 

         Finding the perfect rave outfit can be the single most important factor when it comes to making a festival experience into a memory that lasts a life time. Check out our ivibed.com. They have some of the highest quality products and the lowest possible prices. They have also launched a new collection of fishnet apparel that is sized for the mini rave babes. One of the #1 issues girls like myself who are 4’11 and only 95lbs have is finding rave clothing that fits our tiny waist and small frame.  It’s so nice that there is finally a company designing products that fit girls my size. We see so many companies out there making plus size products.  With normal clothing it is easy i just shop in the kids department but when it comes to rave clothing there is no kids section. Again special shout out to the ivibed team for making such high quality women’s rave clothing. Holographic hooded romper with hidden pockets neon capes and cloaks with hoods. Cloak and dagger costumes gold metallic rave hoodies and tank tops for festival clothing

These are some of the super cool outfits and accessories i love That ivibed sells. These hooded capes come with pasties and ivibed bracelets. Making them magical and when i wore This to edc ORLANDO almost every person we stopped next to commented on my cape. No to mention it has a hidden pocket. Like wow all of that and i only Paid $24.99. Women’s face crystals. Rave make up and festival accessories. Neon holographic rhinestone face crystals and EDM body glitter unicorn vibes


Pair in that with there super cheap face crystals and body glitter and your in for a treat. www.ivibed.com. Or visit there amazon store.



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